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Johanis's survival guide

They call me Johanis

Johanis is hard to come by. That’s why her friends call her the “rare fin” snake plant. She has wide, dark green leaves with a light green variegation that resembles snakeskin. That’s why her friends call her Johanis the Snake. Johanis has an understated, simple charm that’s sometimes drowned out by the flashiness of the plant world, with all its drama and cutthroat rivalry. Johanis loves the simple things, like drinking tea and reading The Communist Manifesto while she daydreams about the downfall of capitalism and its various systems of oppression. That’s why her friends call her Comrade Johanis. But the rich are safe for now, because Johanis is currently busy on her lifelong passion project: eating the sun. Piece by piece, she will convert its light into chemical energy through the process of cellular respiration and leave our galaxy in utter darkness. That’s why her friends call her Homicidal Johanis

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Very little water needed
Strong air purifying
Once a year
28 cm tall, including pot
Once a month in summer

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What makes Johanis so special

The Masoniana Whale Fin Snake Plant prefers bright, indirect light (for now). She’s a succulent so water her sparingly! If you’re lucky, and you take good care of your Johanis, she’ll grow up to four feet tall! Talk about a whale of a plant. Ha! Who doesn’t love a casual plant pun? (Eat the sun, Johanis. Eat it now.)

Sansevieria Masoniana | Whale Fin Snake (M)


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