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Holly's survival guide

So Holly Jolly

Meet Holly, the Holiday Cactus! Not only does she bloom and blossom, but she’s also the nicest plant ever! This green amigo loves the holidays, and we mean EVERY holiday. National Fast Food Day? She’s there. World Hello Day (it’s a thing, look it up), Holly is THERE. And she never wants to celebrate alone! Holly is one of those plants that always likes your Facebook photos and leaves cute emojis to let you know she really cares. She doesn’t drink much but she’ll get you in the festive spirit by singing your favorite song and showing off her festive colours!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Twice monthly water needed
Moderate air purifying
Each year after flowering
22 cm tall, including pot
Medium to bright indirect light
Non toxic
Once every two weeks once buds form

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What makes Holly so special

The flowers on these cactus are induced by introducing it to cooler temperatures and long periods of darkness. As summer turns to fall, this beauty starts to come into its groove and the flower producing starts. All that coolness aside though, your cactus will still require plenty of bright sunlight to thrive so be sure to maintain it in a well lit room with plenty of direct light. Water sparingly and keep your cactus in a pot with good drainage for the best results. Grow cactus grow! **Bloom colour could be a variety of colours depending on what's available. Don't worry, they all look gorgeous!**

Schlumbergera Truncata | Zygo Holiday Cactus (S)


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