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Miley's survival guide

Loves to hang out

Miley is the type that loves to just hang around. In tropical forests you'll find her chilling under the canopy of large trees so she is used to low light environments. That's great because the corner spot on the window sill is usually already taken up by your other plants (or plans for plants), right!?

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Moderate water needed
Strong air purifier
Every other year
32 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Mildly Toxic
Nitrogen rich fertilizer (monthly)

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What makes Miley so special

Its not common to see a plant so stunning that is yet so easy to care for but Miley is definitely one of them. She's a great hanging plant but will do just fine in a regular pot as well. Her leaves have an almost 'satin' feel to them and her silver spots are a sight to behold. We commend her almost daily when we walk into the office here at Plantsome. Yep, she's a stunner and she knows it. "I can't help it, they grow on my leaves naturally." You grow girl!

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