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Juliet's survival guide

He's out there, I know it

Juliet wears her heart on her leaves. She fiercely believes there’s somebody out there for her. For all of us. We just have to find them. Juliet spends most of her free time planning her dream wedding - the perfect decor, the perfect wedding band, everything perfect for her perfect prince. Nobody has the heart to tell her that there's no such thing as perfect. Lets face it, who wants to be the one to tell somebody to stop believing in love? Juliet’s met some great plants but they’re just not him y’know. They’re not Romeo.

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Little water needed
Low air purifier
Repot when root bound
12 cm tall, including pot
Bright indirect light
Very toxic - careful with pets/kids
Once every two weeks in summer

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What makes Juliet so special

The String of Hearts (known to some as the Ceropegia Woodii) is a lovely trailing plant easily recognisable with its heart shaped leaves. Caring for Juliet is fairly simple, she needs watering once every 7-10 days but don’t allow her to sit in water as she’ll get root rot (and heartbreak). Juliet enjoys a little bit of sunshine, so having her close to a window would be great...and helps her look for the love of her life.

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