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Boris's survival guide

Let's keep the lid on this one.

We're so excited to bring you Boris the terrarium kit! We normally wouldn't advise you to keep a lid on the growth of your green amigo's and amiga's but with Boris in town, things are different! Boris has it all under control! Simply place the plants provided in this DIY kit inside, close the lid and marvel at your own home-made terrarium!

pot has a diameter of 21 cm
Very little water needed
Not air purifying
Once every two to three years
30 cm tall, including pot
Bright direct light
Mildly toxic
Once every other week in summer

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What makes Boris so special

Terrarium's are hot (heh) these days but we're sure you've never seen anything quite like our big and beautiful Boris! This amazing terrarium is truly a labour of love here at Plantsome. Curated with green amigos hand-picked for life in a glass dome by our in-house botanists! This lovely glass terrarium will come with a set of six plants, some organic soil mix, lava rocks for drainage. Simply plant your plants inside and create your own little urban jungle in a dome. Boris loves to be shown off but be careful when Boris gets too excited because he tips over easily which usually doesn't end well.

Do not take off the lid after you've closed your Boris.
Closed terrariums are self regulating since no moisture can really escape. There is no need for additional watering as long as the soil is slightly moist when you build Boris. The only time to take off the lid is if you see condensation building up. Remove the lid until the condensation disappears. Do not leave the terrarium open for more than one day. 

At least 6 plants will be provided. The size and type of plants may vary but will include at least one center piece plant such as a Coffea Arabica or Croton. Moss and small stones can be added (as pictured) but is not provided in this package.

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