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Lahena's survival guide

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take ya!

Lahela looks like the kind of girl who belongs on a tropical island somewhere, flowers tucked in her hair, singing songs about her long-lost love -- and that’s exactly where we found her. On a warm, sunny island surrounded by lots and lots (and lots) of water, Lahela relaxed, waved in the breeze, and was so bored that her boredom turned into a burning hatred that built into a fiery passion that compounded with each passing second until there was nothing left for her to do but scream in internal rage at the very forces that placed her on that forsaken island in the first place. When we finally found her she was so excited to have company that we couldn’t leave her alone for more than a minute before she burst up, screaming, “Here’s Lahela!” to tell us the same story about the time she saw a cloud that looked like Kanye if she squinted and tilted her head back. Pretty weird right? We’re surprised you’re still reading!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Little water needed
Low air purifying
Not applicable
20 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight

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What makes Lahena so special

Lahela is a beautiful plant, with bright pink bracts that rise from her narrow, arched leaves like she’s popping up to greet you after you’ve spent the day hanging out with your other friends. Pink Quills like Lahela get their nutrients from the air so you need to mist her leaves in addition to watering her soil. She also thrives with physical support. In fact, you probably shouldn’t leave her alone for very long because it brings back bad memories and sends her into a really dark place. Also, don’t put up any pictures of Kanye in your home. Or anyone that looks like Kanye.

Tillandsia Wallisia Cyanea (S) | Pink Quill


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