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Baby Bear's survival guide

Loves eating famous Beetles

Bear stars in the famous TV series 'Plant vs. Wild'. From cliff jumping and ice swimming to eating all kinds of small insects, he is a fearless survivalist ready to take on BC's wilderness. About his crazy adventures, Bear has told us many fascinating stories like that time he ate a red beetle in Costa Rica which gave him a terrible stomach bug (ha!). He says insects are not only nutritional but delicious! Kudos to you Bear! For us its a maybe, with maybe meaning NO way, of course.

pot has a diameter of 5 cm
Constantly wet soil, so lots of water needed
Low air purifier
Once a year
8 cm tall, including pot
Bright, indirect light
Not toxic
Flies please! Yumm

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What makes Baby Bear so special

The Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that you can take care of with ease. Before you start thinking what and how to feed Bear, it's important that you treat him like any other plant. Bear prefers a nicely lit spot with a couple of mists every every so often and an evenly but constantly moist soil, specially during the summer. Now, Bear can go for a month or two without eating any insects, but we recommend that you feed him once a week. You can do this by placing him outside for a couple of days a week in summer or by feeding him dried mealworms or some flies if they happen to be buzzing around! NomNomNom!

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