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Chad's survival guide

How much dirt can you bench, bro?

Chad is the epitome of a gym bro. He’s in the gym every day working out and knows everyone there. “Hey Patrick whatsup bro! Can you spot me real quick?” Chad loves to party but only if it’s near a beach or at least beach themed so he can attend with his shirt off. On the off-chance that Chad goes to a normal party, he’ll wear the tightest thing he can find because “gotta show off the gains, bro”. The worst day of Chad’s life was when he went to the gym and somebody swiped his protein flask. Daf*k! He went into a rage and posted on social media a reward for anybody who could bring it back to him and identify the culprit. His exact caption on the video was “Haters gonna hate. Gainers gonna gain."

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Once every two years
12 cm tall, including pot
Low light
Monthly in summer

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What makes Chad so special

Fittonia a.k.a The White Nerve plant is known for...wait for it...the white veins that beautifully contrast against the green leaves. You wouldn't think it would you! One could even say that the brighter the white veins, the more “fit (tonia)” the plant is, probably from all those pull ups that Chad does in the gym. But just like when you're doing those burpees, hydration is key here! Chad needs his water, if Chad doesn’t get enough water for his gains he'll faint and wilt on the spot. Chad loves bright, indirect light, not just because it’s perfect for gym selfies but also it’s great for his leaves. As Chad is originally from Peru, a nice, humid atmosphere would be appreciated - maybe in a bathroom or a kitchen windowsill.

White Nerve Plant | Fittonia Albivenis (S)


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