Everything about returns and warranty

Uh oh, did your new green amigo break something? Delivery not gone as expected or just not happy with your plants? We've listed our FAQ on returns below. Can't find an answer to your question? Send us an email or reach out on WhatsApp, we are here to help!

Excellent question!
All of our green amigos have a warranty period of 3 months. But what exactly does that mean? Well, let us explain!

Those pesky terms and conditions
We'll try to keep these short and simple, but there are a few conditions that need to be met to qualify for our Happy Plant Guarantee. In the spirit of TLDR, here's a short list that explains it all:

  • Download the Plantsome App and turn on all notifications so we know what your plants' care routines have been like. This tells us if you've been a naughty plant parent (ahem, water please!) or a nice plant parent!

  • Resist the urge to repot! Repotting generally isn’t needed in the first three to six months. It is a common misconception that you should repot your plants right away. Repotting can shock your plant’s root system and cause other harm. So, if you do decide to repot your green amigo it will void the Happy Plant Guarantee. Just sayin!

  • See anything wrong with the plant? Please reach out right away. Don't wait until your plant has died before reaching out as there is often no longer a way to establish what happened and what caused it. We don't want to point fingers, of course, but if we can't establish a cause of death then there's usually no way to establish if the Happy Plant Guarantee applies.

  • Oh! And pics or it didn't happen... Send us some photos at hello@plantsome.ca so our plant doctor can get in there for a closer look! See below (Pests, Plagues and the Plant Apocalypse.) for issues around pests.

  • After we’ve given you some care tips, give your green amigo some time to adjust to the new routine. Plants are resilient creatures, so be sure to give your plants at least a three to four weeks to recover from whatever was hurting them. If you see no sign of further deterioration then we’re on the right track!

    What happens if we can’t save your plant.
    If you've been faultless in caring for your green amigo (okay...nearly faultless) and you've followed the steps above, but your green amigo still didn’t make it, then we'll honour the guarantee with a store credit.

    Pests, Plagues and the Plant Apocalypse
    If you see pests/plagues within two weeks of receiving your plants, please let us know immediately! We will have our Plant Doctor take a look and determine the best course of action from there. Keep in mind that pests can come from anywhere! Our growers use strict protocols to ensure that their facilities and products are free of bugs and pests. Unfortunately, these little devils can still find their way onto plants from time to time so be sure to reach out when you see one upon arrival.

    If you wish to return your plants or pots to us because you've changed your mind, please reach out to us within the first 14 days of placing your order. Here's what will happen next:

  • Once we receive your return request, we will issue a shipping label that you can print.

  • Pack your order securely using the box that held your order. If you do not have the box, you are responsible for safe shipping back to Plantsome using your own packaging materials

  • Return your goods within 14 days after you receive a return label from us.

  • Drop your order off at a Canada Post collection centre.

  • As soon as we receive your returned shipment we will inspect all items and issue a refund equal to the value of the value of items less a 15% restocking fee (minimum $10).

  • The refund will be processed via the same method provided when you paid for your order

  • To get in touch please send an email to hello@plantsome.ca

    Important note
    We will process your refund using the same payment method you used when ordering your product(s). We reserve the right to delay payment to you until we have received the products back in our warehouse or until we receive confirmation of your shipment back to us.

    Relax, take it easy! It is important to know that yellow or brown leaves are not usually a serious sign of decline. They may signal to you, the plant parent, that there is room for improvement, though! And we will gladly help you with that. Some plants will need some time to acclimatize to their new environment. As they get settled and adjust to new lighting, humidity and care routines, some leaves (and tears) will be shed! Don't fret, this is totally normal and no cause for concern. Aren't we all a bit stressed out after a big move? So is your plant!

    But what about after a few weeks?
    If your plant continues to develop yellow/brown mushy spots or brown crispy spots, it is often a sign that you are giving it a little too much or too little TLC. We can certainly help with that, just send us a note detailing your care routine and we can give you some tips! If you download the Plantsome app, and make sure you are well aware of the plants' lighting needs, you are well on your way to beautiful growth of your green amigos! Oh and don't forget, just with most other things in life, with plants too: patience is a virtue!

    If you are seeing rapid decline of the majority of leaves on your plant, or some other distressing signs, do send us a note and we'll take a look together!

    Oh no! If any part of your order arrives lost or damaged, we will be sure to make it right. Send us a note with pictures of the damages to hello@plantsome.ca, or DM via Facebook/Instagram and we will send you the missing/damaged parts.

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    Here's how you can reach out to us: