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Aurora's survival guide

Studies...wait for it...for fun

Aura's chill sister, Aurora is the laid-back one. Sure, like all Epipremnum Aureum (that's her royalty name), Aurora digs being in the spotlight, but not if that means direct sunlight or paparazzi flashes. Kind of like the Pippa to Aura's Kate. You grow, girl!

pot has a diameter of 10 cm
Moderate water needed
Every other year
14 cm tall, including pot
Low or medium light
Nitrogen rich fertilizer (monthly)

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What makes Aurora so special

Aurora is the nerdy type who loves to read about what NASA is up to these days. In fact, she was even featured in a viral NASA article once, about air purifying plants! Like most nerds, Aurora too hates to leave the house, and would rather have her sunlight filtered through a window. Otherwise, if you give her a lot of light, Aurora will wither like a vampire in the sun, or that kid in school that one time his crush caught him doing the Spock Hand Sign (cue sad trombone sound effect).

Hey you! You may have noticed that this plant was once classified as an air purifier. While all plants do purify your air to an extent, it's significantly less than this green amigo would like to take credit for! Wanna learn more? Read about it here.

Pothos Jade Pearl (S)


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