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Jake's survival guide

Gold medal for good looks

Of all the sports to choose to be the best at, javelin is probably not the top of many kids' lists. There is no Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan of javelin throwing to look up to or idolize, Its not an easy or safe sport to play in most back yards and parks and lets face it, throwing a pole around all day doesn't exactly look that fun. Well, none of that dissuaded Jake when he was a kid. Jake is a natural at javelin throwing - and its easy to see why. Those long cylindrical spears and their smooth aerodynamic shape helped make Jake a multiple Olympic gold medalist. He is a little bummed that the Tokyo Olympics are postponed but don't worry, he'll be back stronger, faster and pointier than ever! Make us proud Jake!!

pot has a diameter of 15 cm
Very little water needed
Strong air purifying
Once every three years
50 cm tall, including pot
Not needed

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What makes Jake so special

Sansevieria Cylindrica is also known as Dracaena Angolensis. We don't know why this species has two latin names but who cares, its common names Cylindrical Snake Plant and African Spear Plant make a lot more sense. This hip looking plant is a succulent native to Angola. It has recently risen to fame - and you can see why! Jake is a really easy plant to care for. Bright or darker spots of your home are equally fine for Jake and he does not require a lot of water or feeding. He only needs to be repotted every two to three years - he usually lets you know when its time to repot when his roots break his current pot. Who knew plants could be such good communicators?

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