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Jörmungandr's survival guide

AKA the midgard serpent

In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is a giant sea serpent who grew so large he was able to encircle the Earth and grasp his own tail. At Plantsome HQ, Jörmungandr is just another carefree member of our snake family. He doesn’t like to brag about being Thor’s nephew (and arch-nemesisssss), but he will bring it up occasionally when one of his siblings is throwing a hissy fit. Humble beginnings aside, Jörmungandr makes a great starter plant. He thrives in low-light conditions, does not require any plant food, and will forgive you when you forget a watering or two. If you travel a lot for work or, like, have a galaxy to protect or something… Jörmungandr’s the plant for you.

pot has a diameter of 25 cm
Very little water needed
Once every three years
56 cm tall, including pot
Not needed

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What makes Jörmungandr so special

The Sansevieria Silver Flame is also known as the snake plant or mother in laws tongue. When it comes to caring for any members of the Sansevieria family, we think it best to have a “set it and forget it” mentality. This popular house plant can be left alone for weeks on end, doesn’t require much sunlight, hates fertilizer and loves to dry out completely between waterings. Just keep Jörmungandr away from your pets as his venom can be a bit poisonous. All in all this African plant is truly a breeze to maintain -  Jörmungandr will purify the heck out of your air, and it’ll almost make you forget about the whole Ragnarok debacle. We said almost!!

Sansevieria Silver Flame | Snake Plant (XL)


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