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Willie's survival guide

Where you wondering about Wandering Willie?

You might call Willie a vagrant or a vagabond. Perhaps you’d even throw around the word “homeless”, if you’re getting technical. Willie himself prefers the terms “nomad” and “wanderer”. He and his sister Sylvie may have different outlooks on life, he likes to keep his roots in the soil and she has her head in the clouds, but they’re both travellers at heart who are, like, totally ready to, like, find themselves.

pot has a diameter of 5 cm
Average water needed
Once every year
10 cm tall, including pot
Bright, no direct sunlight
Once every month (summer)

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What makes Willie so special

Rumour has it Willie’s suuuper chill. He only needs to be watered once a week and placed in indirect sunlight. Any effort will be highly rewarded because Willie makes a stunning houseplant, with a wonderful spray of purple leaves. He might be on the smaller side but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one daring, dashing, dapper Tradescantia Nanouk. Sheesh, talk about a tongue twister. Who writes these things?

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