Top 5 Indoor Plants for Spooky Season 2023

Top 5 Indoor Plants for Spooky Season 2023

Ahh, October, AKA spooky season. We’re so glad you’re back! There’s nothing better than the smell of pumpkin spice in the air, paired with spine-tingling movies and some bone-chilling decor. Your houseplants even told us they want to get in the spirit this year! 👻

If you’re wanting to extend your love for the spooky season to your plant collection, look no further. We’re here with our top 5 spookiest indoor plants for the month of October, which are sure to frighten one way or the other.

Notable mentions:

The Cat Palm is our resident scaredy cat. While she’s a bit too fearful to be put on this list, she’s just hard not to love! With her bushy fronds and (mostly) easy temperament, the Cat Palm is the ideal plant for instant tropical vibes, no matter the season.

Olivia the Olive Tree is also here for anyone who is in-the-Nile about summer ending. We’re not here to burst your bubble! Take an Olive Tree and live your Mediterranean dreams well into winter. But beware: she may not bear fruit for you in this climate, and we can’t think of anything scarier than that. 

Philodendron Tortum (S)

Koop, our Philodendron Tortum, kind of looks like he’s seen some sh*t. He looks like he’s come back from the dead… in the best way possible. This rare tropical plant is easy to care for, despite his dramatic looks. Dress him up for Halloween or put him on your porch as the resident skeleton. He’s versatile! 

Zamioculcas (M) | ZZ Plant

What a Luke! The ZZ plant is as indestructible as it gets. While you’re off trick or treating or picking pumpkins, he’s good to chill at home alone. He doesn’t get scared and will give your sleep paralysis demon company in those dark corners.

Alocasia Tundurusa Jacklyn | African Mask (S)

The Alocasia Tundurusa Jacklyn is straight out of an Ari Aster fever-dream, if you ask us. This rare plant has an unnerving quality to it, from its wavy leaves to its hairy texture. There’s no denying it’s beautiful, in a disturbing sort of way. This Alocasia was voted most likely to be used in a witch’s potion.

Calathea Lancifolia | Rattlesnake (S)

Not a fan of creepy crawlies? Indy the Rattlesnake Calathea might just change your mind. Her jagged leaves come with interesting green patterns on one side, and deep purple on the other. She takes spooky season very seriously. Indy always gets her beauty sleep (thanks to a phenomenon called nyctinasty) so she can spend her days doing the monster mash. Keep this Calathea happy with high humidity and moist soil, and she’ll be sure to spare you. 

Sansevieria Laurentii | Snake Plant (XL)

Finally, we come to the Mother in Law’s Tongue. Does it get scarier than that? Also known as the snake plant, the Sansevieria Laurentii is a reliable plant that does well in nearly any environment. With just a hint of colour from its variegated edges, this plant is known for cleaning the air and looking good while doing it. Get yourself the ultimate (festive) easy-care houseplant for the 2023 spooky season!

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